How to Master Back Training Days

Your back is one of the largest areas to have to train, and can endure heavy amounts of weight and resistance being placed onto it. The way your back is exercise is through pulling and rowing techniques and during some exercises by pushing. Many people want wide and muscular backs because it makes them look better than those who do not, and a wide back also creates the look of a smaller waste.

1. Pull and Row your Back into Shape!

There are many different exercises for you to perform in order to isolate your back muscles. One perfect exercise is seated rows, and there are many variations to it. Check at this website for more variations. You can choose a close grip, wide grip, or row bar for your workout. Close grip is the most common way to perform seated rows, and puts a lot more emphasis on back isolation. Seated rows not only workout your back but also workout your biceps and forearms as well. Start by grasping the handles firmly, and then place your feet in the designated areas for them. Use your feet to push you body back into position to where your knees are slightly bent. Keep your arms tightly in and then pull the handle towards you. Pause for a second then return to starting position.

2. Lateral Pull Down

Lateral pull downs are the next top back isolation exercise. These can be performed behind the back of your head or in front depending on what is more comfortable for you. Use the leg lockers on the machines if you are going to do a bit more heavier weight than usual. These keep your body from coming up with the bar, and should be adjusted to where they are firmly against your leg. Grip the bar at both ends, the wider the better, and then pull down to where it almost touches your traps. Slowly let it go back up while still having pull against the bar. Without that you will fly up, or if you let the bar go the weight will crash down.

3. Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are good to perform with dumbbells. The reason they call this exercise that name is because it resembles a person trying to pull the rope on a lawnmower. Performing these on a flat bench is even better but not needed. However, for example purposes you will have the flat bench. Place the dumbbell on the ground to the side that you will be rowing with. For example, right side for right arm. Place left knee and left hand on top of the bench. Keeping your back straight pull the weight towards you to where you elbow goes back behind your torso then repeat.

4. Lower Back Exercises

For lower back exercising you will want to perform deadlifts, which are a compound lift as well. Make sure that when performing this lift not to bend back at the end. Using reverse abs benches are also good. These are the benches to where instead of laying back you are laying forward. Go down and then crunch back as if doing crunches for your lower back.

Your back will be nice and bulky with muscle mass after you have trained in these back exercises for a month at least, and that means from four to five back training days. Always stretch your muscles before, during, and after your workouts to ensure a safe and injury free lifting day.

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